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Hello there. I’ve recently spent quite some time thinking up innovative ideas for my games, Here is the list I came up with:

Idea List

  1. Web Dev Simulator
  2. Hole Skating

Web Dev Simulator

You are a website developer. You have a budget You need money OK. Enough small talk; GET WORKING!!!

I intend this to be sort of a joke, possibly a stab at the world of SEO and “Professional” website development. You might have to purchase SEO packs, and choose a web host from a randomly generated list of names. They might range from Free-and-Scammy to Expensive-and-Professional. Your host might have downtime, the search engines might lower your ranking, it’s all possible in this game. Also, the only reason I’m making a simulator is because of the simulator craze started by PewDiePie. Surgeon Simulator, I’m looking at you.

Hole Skating

You are lying in bed, and are suddenly woken up from your beauty-sleep by the sound on metal-on-ice. You rush out of bed and look through the window, and what do you see?

You see people who are skating on the ice. That’s irritating, you think, expecially as they have not taken your permission and it’s your backyard.

Wait a minute. How did your backyard freeze? THOSE IDIOTS MUST HAVE POURED WATER ON IT!!

You put on your sweater, your muffler and skates. You attach a salt shaker to the skates. Now, let’s teach them a lesson

Pardon me for making you read all that backstory, I got carried away :P

In this game, your objective is to create holes in the ice, and make other people fall through. Beware, the holes will eventually freeze over again, and the people will keep getting smarter. Don’t fall into the hole you thawed for others, though.

The End

What do you think about these ideas? Want to contribute resources for their development? Want to raze them to the ground? Let me know what you think

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