This website is my corner of the internet.

It’s a perpetual work in progress, (much like life), and I appreciate you stopping by. It’s where I try to record my story. The story of my life.

The story of my life, with computers.

Who Am I?

I’m a self-taught developer, and I’ve been learning to program since 2013. A lot of my recent work has been surrounding reverse proxies, web performance, edge caching and network monitoring. In my spare time, I am currently exploring IndieWeb and the Fediverse.

You can contact me by email at hello@ishan.page

Start Here

These are the articles that I’m proudest of– the ones in which I’ve invested the most effort.
Since they cover a wide range of topics, I feel they’re the perfect place to start:

The Ultimate Interactive JQ Guide – 12 minute read
Learn how to search, query, and modify JSON data with 25 interactive jq examples and explanations

Programming "with the grain" – 8 minute read
Every system has a hidden, "natural" structure of how data flows through it. Learn how to find it.

The secret life of .well-known – 5 minute read
Find out how the humble .well-known directory is actually chock-full of bonuses that will make your web development life easier.

Recent Articles

Why FileLinks Didn't Work in Google ColabJune 9, 2024
and How Buttons Saved the Day

When Using `bc`, `scale` Doesn't Round!March 6, 2024
A story where the devil actually was in the details

Read This Next: Using AI For Recommending Posts On My BlogMarch 3, 2024
How I built a post recommendation feature for my blog using text embeddings, GPT-4 and ChromaDB with LangChain


Small bits of miscellaneous code, scripts, or other quick things that may be useful to someone (or my future self) someday.

The most recent ones are:

  1. Get frequency distribution of countries in a list of newline separated IP addresses in Linux
  2. Get Docker Containers running in a particular network
  3. Parsing single level yaml files into a Lua table
  4. Start a container in a particular docker network
  5. Using different Github accounts with different private keys on Linux
  6. Get leads collected by a particular lead ad form between two timestamps using Facebook Graph API
  7. Fix WSL time drift
  8. Discord Notifications from Systemd
  9. Generate PEM file for any Linux user
  10. Build and Deploy Eleventy via SFTP using Github Actions

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